The Jefferson Club exists to encourage philanthropic support of the University of Missouri. Membership is granted to alumni and friends who make contributions of at least $25,000. Many members participate in events on campus and throughout the nation, with a goal of encouraging peers to follow their lead and become more engaged in the life of the university.

As the first public university west of the Mississippi River, MU identifies strongly with President Thomas Jefferson, founder of the nation's first public university. Thus, the Jefferson Club is named for President Jefferson. Alumni and friends who share his commitment to public higher education rally behind the Jefferson Club as a tool for recognizing and involving MU's major donors as partners in our future.

Jefferson Club members enjoy attending special campus and regional events honoring and recognizing their generosity to MU.

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Carin Huffman Grinch Carin Huffman Grinch
Director of Donor Relations

Jefferson Club Membership

Membership Information

Membership in the Jefferson Club is open to alumni of the University of Missouri, friends, and MU-affiliated nonprofit organizations with cumulative giving to MU of $25,000 or more. Joint memberships are available for spouses.

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Jefferson Club Trustees

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees directs the activities and business of the Jefferson Club and serves the Office of Advancement in an advisory capacity related to best practices for stewardship and donor relations. Members of the board are elected to serve for a three-year term.

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